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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: Yes!! Actually we prefer it and we try to keep our delivery costs as low as we can to accommodate.

Q: Do I need to be home or at the venue when dropping off rented items?

A: We do prefer an adult be present when we arrive unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time.

Q: I'm renting a tent when should I cut my grass?

A: Even though we bring a drop cloth to put down we ask for 48 hours before we set up. Wet grass clippings will stick to the tent top. Please do not mow after the tent has been setup or the mower discharge will stick to the tent.

Q: How many people can we fit around a 60" table, 6' table, and 8' table?

A: 8- 60" table, 6-6' table, and 8-8' Table

Q: Do you offer online payments?

A: Yes! We offer two forms of online payment: One is a free bank transfer and the other is by paying with a card. Please keep in mind there is a 4% service fee for all card transactions.

Q: What if I rented more items than I needed?

A: Any item that has been dropped off or setup is considered to be rented. If you need to adjust quantities please do so before delivery.

Q: My event is outside, what do I do in case of severe weather?

A: We can't predict what the weather is going to do especially in Ohio! Severe weather is a risk that you will have to take. We reserve the right to come tear down a tent with or without notice if we know severe weather is coming. If a tent is blown over by a storm call us IMMEDIATELY we will do everything in our power to get to you as soon as possible, if the tent can be set back up we will do that. Keep in mind that tents are not a source of shelter in a storm and are not indestructible. Sometimes at the end of the day mother nature wins.

Q: I'm renting a tent and i'd like it set up on concrete/blacktop can you handle this?

A: Yes we have 55 gallon water barrels with white covers that we can fill with water to secure our tents on such surfaces. Grass setup will require us to drive 4 stake per tent to secure.

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